Again the venue of the conference will be held in Cracow, Poland. As the city is sometimes called - the heart of Europe – it is also a former capital of Poland and seat of former kings. The city was set in the place were routes of traders from east and west were crossing. Cracow is undoubtedly among those historical metropolises where heritage not only substantially determines contemporary life, but also settles the matter of the city’s position in Europe


EMW Organizing Comitee will provide five overnight stays from 3/4th to 7/8th of April in OLIMP Hostel in Cracow for all the participants. Eligible for the accommodation will be SPC, EMW Poster, Petrobowl Contestants and Auditors, who have paid the enrollment fee. Breakfasts and lunches will be provided from 3rd to 7th of April as well. The Hostel is located on AGH UST Campus and just 15 minutes’ walk from the Cracow’s Main Square.

Hotel day lasts from 2 PM to 10 AM the next day.
A additional night costs 10 euro.